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Worcester Immigrant Coalition


Massachusetts Resist the Raids! Network


Date: Jan 30th, 2009

Time: 12-5pm

Venue: Encuentro 5 - 33 Harrison Ave, 5th Floor. Boston, MA

We are inviting all immigrant rights organizations in Massachusetts to join us in strategic planning session for 2010.

In the first year of Obama’s presidency, we were told that the Department of Homeland Security will divert its immigration law enforcement work to employers. To the contrary, we are witnessing that ICE is still harassing our communities and family members. The covert and sudden nature of recent raid in Foxboro continues to traumatize our communities.

Also, our brothers and sisters from Haiti that have been criminalized have received no assurance that their deportation procedures will be revoked, as their homeland is completely destroyed and chances to rebuild their lives are slim. TPS should be granted for all.

Mostly important, we still do not have a strong signal from the Obama administration and our state representatives in Congress about a fair and just immigration reform. In Massachusetts, advocacy groups have been working with Rep. Gutierrez in a new bill.

The current political scenario in the United States during Obama administration gives little hope. It is time for us in Massachusetts to strengthen our work through a united and coordinated manner.

The Massachusetts Resist the Raids! Network wants to work with you to accomplish our common goals. Resist the Raids! Network is a grassroots-led effort to stop the raids and deportations in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

Spread the word about our retreat and organize a small delegation from your town or neighborhood to Boston in January 30th.

Get involved / Participen!

The Worcester Immigrant Coalition meets every 4th Thursday of the Month. // La Coalición de Inmigrantes de Worcester se reune todos los cuartos jueves del mes.

“This Land is Our Land”: Intersections of Native, Immigrant and Racial Justice
Monday, October 12th
27 Sever St

5:30 at Elm Park outreach


  • Popular Eduction / Know Your Rights!
  • Immigration Reform now!
  • Resist the Raids!
  • Worker Justice

  • Educación Popular / Conozca sus Derechos!
  • Reforma Inmigratoria ahora!
  • Para la redadas!
  • Justicia para trabajadores!wicbanner



On June 1, 2009, much of the rest of the world celebrates International Children’s Day. But not the United States. Indeed, it is not even party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Today, thousands of children are caught up with the prison/juvenile justice system. Those of us concerned about children in detention, including those subject deportation and separation from their loved ones, will be doing a leafleting action at 5:00 p.m. in Downtown Crossing.

You can make a difference: the more people we have at the action, the more folks we can reach and build toward a successful action on Father’s Day (6/21). We’ll have the leaflets and flyers ready, we’ll also have sign up sheets and other materials ready… but we really need your ideas and energy!

On Mother’s Day, more than 60 people turned out at short notice and had a dramatic impact on the South Bay Detention Center. Our presence that day represented a commitment to the people on the inside that we will be energetically supporting their cause! So please help us go from strength to strength!

The action is being organized under the umbrella of the emerging Resist the Raids! network. We are working on a fact sheet that we will circulate shortly; visit, for updates.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the action!

For more information: send an e-mail to



We will be trying to answer this question in our next meeting.

Join us May 28th at 6pm at Centro Las Americas (11 Sycamore St).

At this meeting, the Worcester Immigrant Coalition will be evaluating the May 1st event and defining the next steps in our work of alliance building with other ally organizations in Massachusetts and United States.

One goal is clear: we want that the raids in immigrant communities and deportations end. NOW!

The meetings of the Worcester Immigrant Coalition is open to everyone. They are primarily a space for the leadership development of immigrants and community building. Help us to connect with other immigrants. Bring your neighbors, co-workers and family members to our next meeting.

Coverage of May 1st 2009 Rally “Workers Seeking Justice for All”

Video from Worcester Indymedia members Cha-Cha Connor and Kevin Ksen
Full Indymedia article


In the sidewalk

In front of City Hall,  youth, immigrants and three different labor organizations shared ideas, smiles and dreams.

In front of City Hall in Main Street, we demonstrated our rage about the many injustices to immigrant workers.

In the streets, workers came together in solidarity to immigrant families who have been disrupted.

In the sidewalk, youth showed its power through dance, music and powerful words.

In the sidewalk, we all laughed of the jokes and clapped to the eloquent speeches.

In that sidewalk, we — Worcester’s residents — expelled the infamous Fox Channel’s COPS crew that wanted to despise the poor in our communities.

In that sidewalk, we protested against the U.S. invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Near that sidewalk, other city residents had expelled “hunters” of two African Americans a century ago.

In that sidewalk, we reaffirmed our opposition to the raids and any other form of persecution against the victims of today’s neo-liberal globalization.

In the sidewalk, we nurture our dreams for justice and an old tradition of Worker’s Solidarity.

Dignity for all!

Worcester Immigrant Coalition